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Using YouTube videos in your website pages, on Facebook, and other social media is becoming increasingly important when it comes to marketing your business online.

Why is a presence on YouTube so important?

Well the figures speak for themselves.

2012 Youtube statistics show that over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day. That’s 500 years worth of video!

The great thing about YouTube, apart from it’s incredible global reach, is that it’s free to upload video and create your own YouTube “channel” . It’s also incredibly east for viewers to share the videos on social media, and to embed them into other websites.

So how can YouTube videos help your business?

You Tube Video ProductionThey are more engaging and personal than sending emails or newsletters to customers. In short, they get a better reaction and response.

YouTube videos help to “personalise” your business. This is increasingly important in a crowded online marketplace. Your business needs to stand out, and customers prefer to deal with a business they can relate to. A video can demonstrate your business personality and your company vision. It also offers a break from text and static images.

By having a dedicated video page on your website you encourage visitors to stay on your site for longer. Very important if you want to convert visitors into customers.

YouTube videos help you sell more. They give visitors a chance to learn more about your products. It also means they are more likely to share your message with other potential customers.

It’s also important to realise that creating original YouTube videos will help to improve your SEO and google rankings. (Google owns YouTube).

The case for adding video to your website and social media to help market and promote your business is a very very strong one.

Blue Kangaroo Web Design specialises in YouTube video production and can produce both video slideshows and live action Youtube content.

These can be embedded onto your new or existing website, Facebook and other social media.

Contact us to find out about pricing or for more information.