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April 11, 2012

Your company website should only exist for the benefit of both current and potential customers. It makes sense then to ensure your website is designed to give your customers what they want.

What do your customers want from your website?

(inspired by an article on

1) According to Kelly Cutler, chief exec of a web advisory firm, customers want to know who you are and what you do. That includes information about your team. If you don’t include a page like “About Us”, people will start to wonder if you are a good company to do business with.

2) Answer the question “Who are you?” in an interesting and compelling way. Tell your customers what is unique about your business, and why they should buy from you.

3) Be really clear about what products or services your company actually offers. Your homepage should have a clear overview with obvious links to a products or services page. If there is not enough info to satisfy a customer, they will move onto a competitors page rather than contact you to find out more.

4) Clear contact information is essential. This is an obvious way of building trust with a customer. It shows you are accountable and traceable. Even home based businesses should have this.

5) Customer testimonials or “Third-party validation”. Potential customers want to know who you’ve done business with, and what current customers have to say about you. Social networking on Facebook is becoming a very impotant form of third party validation.

6) Website ease of use and clear navigation. Simply, if people can’t find it, they can’t buy it. Sites should be clean, crisp and easy to navigate. Blue Kangaroo Web Design uses this ethos in every site it builds.

7) For online shops, clear guidance on your processes is vital. If customers are going to spend money with you, they want to know you are a robust, organised business, with complaints and return procedures. All Blue Kangaroo online shops include a “Freqently Asked Questions” page to make this easy for both business and customer.

8) Customers also want an ability to give feedback to your business. All Blue Kangaroo sites can be built with a News or Blog page that allows comments. Contact pages can have an easy reply form included, and of course there is Facebook.

9) Your site should include clear calls to action. By this we mean obvious signs or buttons on the site to enable your customers to act. Blue Kangaroo always adds great looking buttons and banners to its sites. We also understand how QR codes can be utilised to drive traffic to your site.

10) Special offers. Everyone loves a special offer. Customers feel rewarded and it’s an obvious incentive to buy from your company over a competitor. Blue Kangaroo Web Design can facilitate this for you through both our News/Blog feature, (which can also link directly to Facebook) and through our online shops, which allows our customers to add and control discount coupons as they wish.

To read the article click here.


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