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December 21, 2011

Facebook is now the most visited website on Earth. Blue Kangaroo can help your business make the most out this incredible social networking site.

Why should your company have a Facebook page?

Like it or not, Facebook has become a huge part of business marketing. It has over 500 million active users, and offers a huge targetable audience. Social networking sites like Facebook work by creating conversation & personal recommendations amongst its users.

A company Facebook page gives your business a “personality”, which can help to cultivate customer loyalty. It also helps you to proactively direct your company reputation on the internet.

The Facebook pages give your business another powerful area, alongside your website, to share information with your customers, it can also be used a wider topic information resource or dicussion point, so becomes a less “in your face” sales technique. Customers will like “getting to know” your company, and will do more business with you if they feel a personal affinity.

Facebook importantly offers a business a channel for customer feedback and suggestions, and can become a vital market research tool.

Are Facebook “likes” important?

You may have noticed that increasingly business are chasing “likes” from Facebook users. Blue Kangaroo websites always give our customers the oppotunity to utilise these for free.

It is important to get as many “likes” as you can, and having a quality Facebook presence will help massively.

“Likes” help to raise your company visibility. When someone likes your page or comment, it shows up on their page too, linking back to your page.

Facebook comments, links and posts are used by search engines, such as Google to assess the quality and relevance of your website, so could improve your Google ranking. They also act as great links back to your website. Facebook is quite possibly the most effective and cheapest way of optimising your website for search engines.

If you have a blog, or post great stuff to your wall, then they may subcribe to it. Imagine if your business page has 1000 fans, then all status or blog updates go automatically to 1000 news feeds, and will cost you nothing. This kind of interaction will build customer loyaly and spead youir content. across Facebook.

Why use Blue Kangaroo to design & build my Facebook page?

Obviously it makes sense for your website and Facebook page to have the same look and feel, and for them to link up in a seamless way. It’s a mistake to spend good money on a beautiful website that links to an amateur looking Facebook page.

If you choose to have the blog or news feature on a Blue Kangaroo website, we can set this up so all of your website updates go automatically to both Facebook and Twitter.

We can also use clever techniques on your Facebook page in order to increase dramatically the number of “likes” you receive.

We can easily integrate videos, contact forms, downloads & music to make your Facebook page a “worthwhile” destination for your customers.

Contact us to find out more about Facebook page design.


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