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February 10, 2012

This article has just been published, and is really relevant to those of you that may be considering upgrading your company facebook page, or setting one up. Blue Kangaroo is now offering Facebook fan page design services, as we believe they are a very important part of your businesses online presence.



By Leigh Kostiainen. Source – Internet Marketing Magazine Feb 2012

Facebook marketing in just 2 short years has gone from being some hoodoo voodoo thing that only teenagers should use, to being an essential business marketing tool.

Business owners are experiencing varying degrees of success, and there are a number of simple to implement strategies that will help you increase your Facebook marketing success.

The most important one is your fan page customization; a branded wall banner and landing page incentivised for likes and mailing list conversions.


The purpose of your page spells out what it is you want to achieve from your Facebook marketing, if you don’t know what you want to achieve then you cannot know if you are successful. Your page can be used for a number of different purposes; you just need to choose the one that is right for you;


This is a popular purpose for large businesses like Coca Cola and Starbucks who already have established businesses with a widely recognised brand and products, who want to keep their brand in the forefront of the markets mind. This type of purpose is about providing loyal customers with a place to support their favorite products and services, these pages naturally build large numbers of fans yet are not ‘usually’ used for generating sales from their pages.


Positioning is one of the most unique purposes people are using Facebook pages for as it is possible for anyone to become the celebrity in their industry or niche. The more of a celebrity you become the more interest you attract to yourself and your business, which means more online traffic and potentially more (many more) sales. This type of purpose is about attracting fans/ likers to increase the viral influence you have. In this instance producing content for your page is very important.

List Building:

List Building is easily the most common purpose for Facebook page owners, with the purpose being to incentivize likers or new visitors to join their mailing list. This type of purpose is about encouraging the ‘right’ type of people into your marketing funnel so you have the ongoing opportunities of marketing your products and services to them.

Customer Service:

Customer Service is another purpose for a Facebook page, not the most common purpose but one that allows businesses to provide their existing customers a place to communicate with the business in real time for support and technical issues. This type of purpose is not focused on fan building strategies rather on highly responsive engagement.


This is one factor that most people don’t put enough effort into, is who you are trying to attract to your page. Often when I ask a new client who it is they want to attract to their page they respond with either “everyone” or eg: “women aged 25 to 55”; there is a very big difference between a woman who is 25 years old and a woman who is 55 years old. Therefore is it very important to know who you are targeting in as much details as you can manage. Use your Facebook Insights data and sites like for information about who you are already attracting to your page.

When you know who you are going to be attracting and what you want them to do when they get to your page, producing content becomes easier and more strategic.

Incentive Offer:

Given that List Building is the most popular purpose for your Facebook marketing, some key elements of your page you need to incorporate into your landing page design is an email opt-in form and an incentive offer to encourage fans/likers to join your list. Think about what you already have of great value, and preferably digital, that can be used to give away. Some ideas for offers are; eBooks, mind maps, blueprints, video tutorials, top ten tips or free physical products also work well but require physical delivery and often incur a cost.

Design and Graphics:

The key areas of your Facebook page that can be branded is your landing page. Take full advantage of the areas you can use for advertising, normally you would pay up to hundreds or thousands of dollars to get that sort of banner advertising on a website that doesn’t even have as much traffic as Facebook gets.

The banner should have a logo and tag line to represent your brand.

The landing page design is all about your purpose, so if your purpose is list building then of course you will have an opt-in form and an offer, if your purpose is branding then a promotional video will be very helpful.

The actual design should reflect your other online properties, primarily your website, so that new visitors to your page know they have found the right you!

If you don’t have the design skills yourself there are lots of businesses out there who can quickly and cost effectively do the work for you. You can have a static design, dynamic designs with cool features like; video, opt- ins, links to website and other social media or even built in navigation menus.

Call to Action:

No matter what your purpose is, your landing page must have a call to action – a call to action is asking someone to do something for you, such as ‘Click Like’. Remember that everything we are doing is about marketing our business so ‘always be strategic’ even if you are only asking them to like your page it is important to ask them to do something for you. Often just by asking for the like or for them to opt-in will increase your conversion by as much as approx. 43%. Also using web 2.0 style arrows to point to your call to action helps increase conversions.

Changing It Up:

It is great idea to change your banners and landing tabs for seasonal or company promotional events. There is no reason why your image can’t change regularly, just keep the overall brand consistent so you don’t confuse your community.

Top 5 Pic Menu:

The area above your wall can be used as a pseudo navigation menu, so it is a good idea to have some great graphics made that you can upload to this area that have your brand and are promoting your products or services. If you can’t see any images at the top of your wall then simple upload an image to your wall and the area will automatically appear. Each of these images can have a description or ‘call to action’ including a link, so when someone clicks on any of those images they will see the link and can take action to purchase from you.

No matter what stage you are at with your Facebook page you can always make changes and improvements to your page to help with your conversions. Taking time out to outline your page purpose, target market and offer as well as other key principles such as your policies and content calendar will ensure you always have success with your Facebook market- ing.

Leigh Kostiainen is an Australian Facebook Marketing pioneer, having taught hundreds of busi- nesses how to gain the Facebook marketing advantage for their business pages. Leigh speaks at corporate events, provides and runs workshops teaching business owners how to use their viral influence for real business profits.


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